Opposing Motion -
Laws Of Motion

(CD 2013, Lion Music LMC339)

The tracks:
  1- Deus Ex Machina
  2- Forever's Edge
  3- Labyrinth of Mirrors
  4- Las Lagrimas Del Diablo
  5- Rites of Passage
  6- Echoes of the Soul
  7- Laws of Motion
  8- The Fallen Opera
         - Act I : Lust
         - Act II : Neglect
         - Act III : Remorse
         - Deus Ex Machina
         - Forever's Edge
         - Labyrinth Of Mirrors
         - Las Lagrimas Del Diablo
         - Rites Of Passage
         - Echoes Of The Soul
         - Laws Of Motion
         - The Fallen Opera

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In 2010, the UK-based band Opposing Motion already released a debut EP called The Illustration. Now three years later they bring out their first full-fledged album called Laws Of Motion. Opposing Motion consist of Ludovic Desa (vocals), Joe McGurk (guitar), David Deplanche (bass) and his brother Kevin Deplanche (drums). Laws Of Motion is more or less a classic metal album containing eight songs which all sound very powerful and dynamic. Rites Of Passage and The Fallen Opera are real progressive metal tracks with lots of variety and great melodies unlike lighter songs as Las Lagrimas Del Diablo and the rather mainstream sounding title track. Laws Of Motion is a diverse and creative album which you should listen to at least twice to really appreciate it. Play it loud if you can.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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