Offworld -
Some Circles Are Square

(CD 2016, 63:46, Freia Music)

The tracks:
  1- Swamps Of SFD: Out/Tenploid(4:36)
  2- aLIEN vOCAL cHORD tRAUMA(4:51)
  3- Shaman's Garden(4:22)
  4- Terminal(5:22)
  5- Killing Voices In My H.E.A.D.(5:09)
  6- Planetary Displacement (no siesta)(4:11)
  7- Spices Of The Desert(4:54)
  8- Scattered Minds Freak Alike(6:17)
  9- Power Supply(5:47)
10- Some Circles Are Square(8:19)
11- Arabesque(2:42)
12- Tidepools/Swamps Of SFD: In(7:22)

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Offworld is an instrumental rock trio consisting of Peter Baart (bass guitar), Stijn van den Bossche (keyboards) and Tom Tas (guitar), the latter you might possibly know from bands like Ostrogoth, Quantum Fantay or Neo Prophet. Some Circles Are Square, nice title by the way, is Offworld's debut album of and it is quite a great and refreshing album indeed. If you like instrumental rock music with obvious metal and prog rock elements, then this album might be right for you.

The first two tracks of this album set the tone quite clearly, as these tracks are filled with “weird” riffs, hooks, fast guitar solos and lots of tempo changes; reminding me sometimes of good old Primus. Spices Of The Desert has Eastern influences and features funky riffs and again some fast, ferocious guitar solos in the veins of Jason Becker. Tidepools, the last song features a laid back solo, but it is actually a bit too long. The longest track however is the title track, which features a “nasty” saxophone solo played by Geert Roels.

This album is definitely my instrumental cup of tea, but I could imagine that this type of music gets on some people's nerves.

***+ Martien Koolen

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