Odyssice - Silence

(CD CD 2010, 53:53, Cyclops CYCL 175)

The tracks:
  1- 21(8:06)
  2- Memento(6:07)
  3- Chinese Waters(7:12)
  4- Colours Of Silence(6:49)
  5- Flags Without A Heart(9:12)
  6- Continental Motion(10:38)
  7- Swank(6:46)

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Why have I never heard of this band before, because this album is a true prog rock gem. Put on this CD and be amazed by atmospheric keyboard passages, stunning guitar hooks, riffs and melodies, but most of all, be astonished by the sparkling solos of the new Dutch guitar god Bastiaan Peeters !! His truly stunning guitar themes and solos like in Colours Of Silence or Flags Without A Heart are really out of this world. If you listen carefully, you hear influences from Andy Latimer, David Gilmour and Steve Hackett, but fortunately Peeters also has his own unique way of guitar picking.

This album is completely instrumental but I never missed any vocal parts as this album is filled with dream away music, bursting with spectacular melodies and goosebump guitar eargasms. Highlights are Continental Motion (with Camel-like melodies and flute passages that remind me of good old Focus), Flags Without A Heart (stunning guitar solo) and Colours Of Silence, which reminds me of Pendragon, one of my favourite prog rock bands.

Conclusion: Silence is a MUST for fans of Camel, Pink Floyd, Focus, Camel and Pendragon!!.

***** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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