Odyssice - Impression

(2CD 2012/2000, 70:17/ 50:17, ODY-01)

The tracks:
CD 1:
  1- Scream
  2- Loka Palas
  3- Senkan
  4- Children Of The Cloud
  5- Olympus
  6- Impression
  7- Crusader
  8- Legend
  9- Anuradhapura
10- Flower Of Scotland
11- In Your Eyes
12- A Prophet's Dream
CD 2:
  1- Olympus (short version)
  2- Eager Attempt (remix)
  3- Jam #
  4- Scream (live)
  5- Senkan (live video version)
  6- Why (studio demo)
  7- Anuradhapura (studio run-through)
  8- Genuine (live during soundcheck)

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In 2000 the Dutch instrumental prog rock band Odyssice recorded their second album Impression. It was the follow-up to their mini-CD Moondrive (1996) that got a reissue as Moondrive Plus in 2003 with some additional bonus tracks. I guess the band wasn't satisfied with the original version of their second album either, and so they reissued this one in 2012. A second reason why Impression was reissued was the fact that the album was no longer available.

Beside the remastered version you can enjoy an additional bonus disc with a lot of previously unreleased material. People who listen to Odyssice for the first time often compare them to Camel, mainly due to the guitar play of guitarist Bastiaan Peters. It sounds quite similar to that of Andy Latimer. This may be true on their debut, but if you listen to their second effort the band have much more to offer than being only a copycat of Camel. The instrumental tracks on this release sound more mature because music wise they had grown. The twelve compositions have enough variety thanks to the many musical influences from countries as Scotland (Flower Of Scotland), Japan (Senkan), Greece (Olympus) and Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura). Sure, Camel are still influential throughout the album, but that's alright by me since the music is just amazing.

On Impression Bastiaan Peters also played the guitar synthesizer that created some new elements in the music of Odyssice. Also the lush keyboard sounds provided by Jeroen van der Wiel, the flute parts by drummer Menno Boomsma, the slapping on the bass and mandolin passages by Pascal van der Pol assure that Odyssice sound differently from time to time. At the time the band were a great live unit. This can be heard on the second disc which contains music recorded during a rehearsal (Anuradhapura), a soundcheck (Genuine) and two live concerts recorded in Zoetermeer (Scream) and in Zwolle (Senkan). These pieces prove that they could also perform their music without the studio facilities. CD2 contains an alternate short version of Olympus and a remix of Eager Attempt. I think the highlight on this bonus-CD is the short session done during the recordings  for Impression. It features several stunning solos of which the title Jam # is well-chosen! The stylish booklet includes several pictures and details about the included tracks. This all make it a wonderful new version of their second album.

People who enjoy the instrumental music of Camel and related bands are advised to check out this excellent reissue. Keep an eye on Odyssice because more releases will follow!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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