Obiymy Doschu - Elehia

(CD 2009, 1:03:26, Mals Records MALS 373)

The tracks:
  1- Pid Hmaramy(5:23)
  2- Mertve Derevo I Viter(7:04)
  3- Zorenko Moya(4:18)
  4- YiYi Doschu Zivyali Kvity(7:35)
  5- Zhasayucha Osin(8:23)
  6- Zymova Elehia(10:04)
  7- Samotni Nochi(5:42)
  8- Dorohoyu Vichnosti(7:05)
  9- Svitanok [Bonus track](6:43)

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What finally breaks Obiymy Doschu is the utterly boring singing of one mister Volodymyr Agafonkin. It sounds as if this gentleman only has one vocal pitch at his disposal; if he has more he sure isn't using them. This is unfortunate as the music of this Ukraine band isn't bad at all. It's a sort of understated prog with many dark undertones and some nice melodies. Most songs are mid-tempo, only the bonus track Svitanok really rocks and is therefore the best song on Elehia. The music of this band is sometimes compared to that of bands like Antimatter and Anathema, because of its high level of depression in the songs. However, the compositions are not half as strong of those top groups. Obiymy Doschu might get there too, but I would advice them to replace the vocalist. Singing in the English language will also help them to achieve an international breakthrough. One good step in that direction: you can download this album for free! 

** André de Waal (edited By Peter Willemsen)

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