Nosound - Allow Yourself

(CD 2018, 38:41, Kscope, Kscope605)

The tracks:
  1- Ego Drip(2:32)
  2- Shelter(3:53)
  3- Don't You Dare(4:00)
  4- My Drug(3:22)
  5- Miracle(3:54)
  6- This Night(4:30)
  7- At Peace(3:12)
  8- Growing In Me(3:23)
  9- Saviour(2:45)
10- Weights(5:04)
11- Defy(2:06)

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Nosound is a band that is in the music industry for ages now. You can read a lot of reviews of their albums on this website. Allow Yourself is the sixth studio album. The musical occupation is the same as on the previous one, Scintilla (2016, see review), except that Cino Lavarone is the new drummer. For a real long time the band has consisted of mastermind Giancarlo Erra (vocals, instruments, programming), the one who started it all, at first as a project and later as a real band. With Giancarlo are Paolo Vigliarolo (guitars), Marco Berni (keyboards) and Alessandro Luci (bass). I looked at the website of Nosound and figured out that in the meantime Alessandro quitted his job with Nosound and has been replaced by Orazio Fabbri. I do not know the reason yet, it is what it is.

Nosound have developed themselves since they started. It is easy to say that Nosound has its own sound and style. I can recognize them out of a thousand bands, and that is unique in music nowadays. On the previous album they took another direction: shorter songs. On this album that direction has been continued with shorter songs again. The longest song clocks 5.04 (Weights). The total length of the album is short, about 39 minutes. I prefer shorter albums with only good music than longer albums with a few fillers in that way. I can give away that there is not a bad second on this album. Besides the songs being shorter, you can hear on a several tracks some electronics. Another new direction!

In the year 2018 I had the pleasure to listen to a lot of new music. I also had the pleasure to review a lot of that music. It is and will be an honor to have the opportunity to do that. I think the big advantage of reviewing is that you have to listen to the new music a lot, simply to form a good picture of the music and to find the good words to put to paper.

If my review should consist of just a few terms, I would give the following terms to Allow Yourself: the most emotional album of 2018, turn it with a hard volume so you can feel the food for your soul in every single fiber.

If you take a look at the booklet you can see that there are a two dolls depicted in an unconventional costume. If we open the booklet you can see a lot of artistic photos. Thousands of thoughts come to mind. And that is exactly what you can notice if you listen to the music and vocals Giancarlo created this time.

This album is full of emotions, some more intense than others, but all intense for sure. Time after time I feel tears coming if I experience what this music means to me. I really can't tell what emotions they are, what I can tell you is that they come and go, come and go, come and go. Not often does the music and the way the vocals sound, drag me along as on this album. In that respect a direct hit. The album is heavy stuff, it does not fit in the first spin, let that be clear. You really have to take the time to let all the gems take part of you. Compared to previous albums, some electronics have been added with some regularity, a nice addition, although not everyone will be charmed by this.

The whole album is a gem, but if I have to give you a few ones to listen to, my favorites are My Drug, Miracle, This Night and Weights. Why these songs? Well, just look at all your emotions while listening to it and you will understand. Splendid album that only deserves a rating of five stars!

***** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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