Nosound - Afterthoughts

(CD 2013, 51:57, Kscope)

The tracks:
  1- In My Fears(7:56)
  2- I Miss The Ground(5:00)
  3- Two Monkeys(5:43)
  4- The Anger Song(4:19)
  5- Encounter(4:52)
  6- She(5:39)
  7- Wherever You Are(5:33)
  8- Paralysed(8:08)
  9- Afterthought(4:44)

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Some people prefer to have only cheese on their sandwiches, which means that they don't have much variety as far as taste is concerned, but that's just how they like it. I guess I belong to these people because I stick to the things I love the most: eating only cheese sandwiches! In a way this also applies to the music on the albums of the Italian band Nosound. All of their CDs contain the same kind of mellow music which can be labelled as new age, electronic and ambient music, but above all progressive rock music.

The music of Nosound is mainly inspired by the early albums of Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós and Bark Psychosis. Although I hardly hear other influences or a small change in style on the new album, the fans of the band enjoy the sound of Nosound over and over again. Maybe I suffer from the same disease because I cherish everything they have recorded so far. That applies again to their new album Afterthoughts Giancarlo Erra (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Paolo Martellacci (keyboards, vocals), Alessandro Luci (bass, upright bass, keyboards), Paolo Vigliarolo (acoustic, electric guitars) and Gigi Zito (drums, percussion, vocals) together with their guest musicians Chris Maitland (ex-Porcupine Tree, drums) and Marianne De Chastelaine (cello) present nothing new that could be considered to be innovative let alone shocking or groundbreaking.

However, I guess musicians don't have to be groundbreaking as long as a new album contains beautiful music, even if one already knows what kind of music one can expect. While listening to the album I noticed that some of the tracks could already be heard on the EP At The Pier (2012, see review), namely Two Monkeys and The Anger Song, but there's still enough new material left to enjoy. Well, I'm not going to tell you what you can expect on Afterthoughts. As I mentioned before there's nothing new under the sun, so people who are familiar with Nosound know what is to be expected; they can buy this album without listening to it first. They know that beautiful guitar solos and mellow keyboard parts are all over the place just like on all of their previous albums!

The CD Afterthoughts is highly recommended to all Nosound fans who like their music rather mellow and quiet, and who like to eat a sandwich with only cheese on a daily basis...

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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