Nichelodeon - Cinemanemico

(CD 2009, 54:44, Private Release SCR 04CD)

The tracks:
  1- Fame3:43
  2- La mosca stregata1:07
  3- Lascia ch’io pianga3:10
  4- Malamora e la Luna4:26
  5- Amanti in Guerra4:03
  6- La torre più alta9:53
  7- Ciò che rimane7:45
  8- Flower of innocence3:32
  9- Disegnando cattedrale di cellule 9:15
10- Il ladro di giochi7:50

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Italian Nichelodeon is an oblique and visionary musical project. It contains different kinds of music and arts. In fact, it is a theatre production with singer Claudio Milano, guitarist Francesco Zago, keyboardist Riccardo Di Paola and pianist Maurizio Fasoli, who also does a number of readings. However, Claudio is the most important musician because he writes all the songs. In a notice that came along with the CD, I read that this album was recorded live during the performance ‘La Stanza Suona Ciò Che Non Vedo’ in 2007, which means: the room plays what I cannot see (?). However, there’s no applause from an audience and there are no overdubs. You only hear what happened on stage and thát I didn’t like at all.

Well, if you’re fond of avant-garde music or if you like the music of John Cage for instance than this is probably not a bad album at all. However, if you are a prog rock aficionado this is a terrible album to listen to. Almost one hour of theatrical lyrics, distorted pianos and singing saws! Sorry, but this is not my cup of tea!

* Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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