Neverness -
The Measure Of Time

(CD 2009, 61:00, Musea FGBG 4835)

The tracks:
  1- Behind your Face(11:36)
  2- The Measure of Time(07:23)
  3- The Letter(09:15)
  4- Reings of Fools(10:35)
  5- Rest in Pieces(11:02)
  6- Shadows of the Past(11:07)

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Neverness is a Spanish formation founded in the late nineties. In 2002, they released their debut album Horizonte De Sucesos. Then it took five years to produce a second album entitled Cuentos De Otros Mundos Posibles (2007), a very impressive release with wonderful and compelling compositions. A very captivating element in their music is the contrast between the rock-oriented guitar work and the varied vintage keyboard sounds. I was very curious to listen to The Measure Of Time, their latest effort.

Well, for a change, letís start with the conclusion: this is a great album, captivating and still unique after forty years of prog rock. Neverness is a shining example of prog rock still being progressive in the true sense! Okay, the elements of prog rock legends King Crimson and Pink Floyd are evident, but Neverness used them just as basic elements in their creative process. And the music of this band sounds very creative, indeed! Itís loaded with dynamics, variations and full of musical ideas. Behind Your Face is filled with fat Moog-sounds, protrusive drums, bombastic atmospheres, fiery guitar and lots of tension between mellow sounds with soaring keyboards and an ominous sound like King Crimson in Red. In the title track, you can enjoy powerful and protrusive guitar riffs with mellotron violins and a Hammond-organ, but also a surprising electronic part featuring sequencers and synthesizers. In The Letter, we hear an acoustic rhythm-guitar with vocals, sensitive electric guitar and an avant-garde-like synthesizer solo. Reign Of Fools is a blend of blues and psychedelia with varied guitar work, splendid keyboards with grand piano and a majestic church organ. Then soaring Farfisa-organ, mellow mellotron along emotional vocals and an excellent bombastic finale in Rest In Pieces. In the final song Shadows Of The Past we hear cascades of shifting moods, breaks, solos and a breathtaking finale with slide guitar, lush orchestral keyboards, a protrusive rhythm-section and pleasant English vocals. Highly recommended!

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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