Nevärlläjf - Klusterfloristen

(CD 2009, 55:00, Musea MP 3092)

The tracks:
  1- Hem-O-Röj(5:57)
  2- The Carpet(2:46)
  3- Ove Och Det Tjockaste Sminket(6:21)
  4- Flourtantskosmos(5:26)
  5- Knölpaksinhalator(5:09)
  6- Fusionlök(7:42)
  7- Kaskelottkotte(6:45)
  8- The Sacrifice Of Gluteus Maximus(3:31)
  9- Kyskhastsdisco(11:05)

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Nevärlläjf is a young Swedish band founded as a project in Mora in 2005 by five musicians who where yet high school mates at the time. They played together some minor shows, started to write songs and did a lot of rehearsals. In 2007, they won a national contest called Musik Direct and they met up with Beardfish. The prize of the contest was the opportunity to play at the Stockholm Jazzfestival and the Sandviken Bangen Jazzfestival.

The music of Nevärlläjf is principally based on the two guitar players Daniel Björklund and Martin Olsson. The line-up is completed by bass player Fredrik Sommar, drummer Olle Karlson and keyboardist Tor Sandell. The band plays a kind of instrumental progressive jazz and rock mixed with hard-rock riffs, intricate rhythms and a roaring Hammond-organ. Sometimes it sounds very experimental and funky. First track Hem-O-Roj is a good example of the music this talented band makes. Hammond and guitar solos pipe around the ears - as if the devil is hard upon their heels - and ending with a funky bass and trumpet solos. Next track The Carpet is a very nervous song. The sounds of the piano and the guitar ‘jump’ from one speaker to another, a perfect way of testing your stereo set. Ove Och Det Tjockaste Sminkit is another vigorous song that reminded me sometimes of Joe Satriani or King Crimson. Flourtantskosmos is a melting pot of changing rhythms. Listening to this piece your ears and nerves won’t get any rest at all.

I admire these young guys having so much ideas and talents. Especially drummer Olle Karlson deserves a big compliment for keeping the pace with all these varied and difficult song structures. I listened to Klusterfloristen several times. All nine songs differ a lot. They are a bit experimental and therefore rather original: there is never a dull moment or a moment to relax. I wouldn’t file the music of Nevärlläjf under progressive or symphonic rock. In my opinion, it’s 100 percent experimental jazz. Either you like it or you hate it. I liked it very much. 

 *** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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