Georgio C. Neri - Logos

(CD 2008; 52:26; Black Widow BWRCD 110-2)

The tracks:
  1- Intro(2:25)
  2- Id & Trad(4:38)
  3- Alleanza(4:03)
  4- Seconda Navigazione(1:33)
  5- Addio(1:00)
  6- Le Braccia E Le Ali(6:04)
  7- Guerra(1:23)
  8- Godinus 7 [a](4:31)
  9- Godinus 7 [b](6:19)
10- Tuona Il Cannone(7:02)
11- Per Tutti E Per Nessuno(1:14)
12- L'Ultima Danza(9:17)
13- Sipario(3:05)

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I donít understand those Italian musicians! I would think that the ultimate goal of composers and musicians is that as many people as possible listen too their music. Whatever you can do to promote the distribution of your records, you do. So why then do many Italian bands use only the Italian language on the inner CD-sleeve and in the booklet? I might enjoy going on holiday to Italy, but that does not necessarily mean that I master the language.

In the case of Giorgio C. Neriís debut album, this is really a shame because Logos deserves to be heard by many people. Itís a neo-classical composition for guitar and assorted instruments, mostly instrumental, but very pleasant to listen too. A variation of quiet passages and outbursts of guitar noise and keyboard jingles make the listener subside in the heavenly skies as depicted on the album cover. Multi-instrumentalist Neri proudly wears the influences of the instrumental Genesis, PFM, Le Orme en Jeremy on his sleeves. This musical basis combined with the compositorial strength of his debut album, forms a welcome addition to the prog scene.

***+Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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