Mythos -
Jules Verne Forever

(CD 2015, 78:20, Groove Unlimited GR-217)

The tracks:
  1- The Mysterious Island(8:40)
  2- Mighty Orinoco(3:57)
  3- Eight Hundred Leagues On The Amazon(6:50)
  4- All Around The Moon(9:08)
  5- Southern Star Mystery(5:20)
  6- A Drama In The Air(7:10)
  7- Off On A Comet(7:26)
  8- The Ice Sphinx Adventure(9:50)
  9- Jules Verne Forever(10:16)
10- Five Weeks In A Balloon(9:31)

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Mythos can be gathered as one of the ancient German krautrock bands. Through the years the band evolved in different ways, a bit of rock here, a bit of spacy synth music there.
The red line in this rich history is the same man (and founder) Stephan Kaske.
This CD can be seen as a solo project from the man alone. It's a long spinned out scene of soundscapes that will bring you on a journey through most of the stories Jules Verne has given to us. Well, that's my perception.

He manages to deliver a good 78 minutes of concept album filled with a diverse electronic musical adventure. I'm not going to sum up all tracks one by one, and I can't tell you how the singing is because it's fully instrumental. If you like Gandalf and Tangerine Dream this music will excite you. You'll notice that the sounds this keyboardist uses are from the old ages of the synth era. But when you listen carefully you'll hear some modern synths are used as well.
The question you are likely to ask is: “What kind of prog-rock is this?” In my opinion, it isn't ... It's just another synth-based record that sounds like any other 'thirteen in a dozen'. Though I would recommend it to the synth lovers out there.

***+ Erik van Os (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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