Myth Of Logic -
Surrounded By Ghosts

(CD 2022, 59:04, Abulia Records)

The tracks:
  1- Here(6:21)
  2- The Stone House(5:24)
  3- Born To The Sky(7:08)
  4- Scars Lament(6:26)
  5- Hollow Body(4:10)
  6- Strange & Beautiful(5:34)
  7- Live The Sound(3:52)
  8- Crucible(12:00)
  9- Surrounded By Ghosts(8:12)

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Band info: Myth Of Logic from Florida is rooted in a deep love of Progressive Rock of all eras, but primarily that of the 1970s. The new album, Surrounded By Ghosts was written and recorded in Saint Petersburg, FL at Boyz Club South Studio and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side music. The overall theme of the album is one of adventure, discovery and redemption. It follows the story of Robin, a man trapped and fighting for his life. He must find a way to defeat a seemingly invincible foe and escape his prison. Robin's journey is represented through nine pieces of varying texture and atmosphere. Produced by Scott G. Davis and all instruments.
This is my first musical encounter with Myth Of Logic, to me it sounds as a pleasant blend of 70s symphonic rock, Heavy Prog and AOR, tastefully arranged, varied and very melodic and harmonic. From twanging acoustic guitars (like early Genesis) and dreamy vocals in Here to Keith Emerson Hammond organ extravaganza and fat synthesizer in the dynamic The Stone House. From rock guitar and spectacular synthesizer work (evoking Angel) in Born To The Sky to mellow with sensitive electric guitar and dreamy vocals in the ballad Hollow Body. From acoustic guitar and tender piano to tasteful play on the synthesizer and swinging piano with a powerful bass in the epic Crucible (12 minutes). And from heavy guitar and bombastic Hammond with a biting guitar solo in Live The Sound to the ballad Surrounded By Ghosts featuring first dreamy piano and vocals and then from halfway a moving guitar and spacey synthesizer.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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