Muffx - L'Ora Di Tutti

(CD 2017, 40:34 , Black Widow Records ‎- BWRDIST 675)

The tracks:
  1- Un 'Alba Come Tante(11:15)
  2- Vengone Dal Mare(10:05)
  3- Ottocento(11:25)
  4- Bernabei(7:49)

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Another Black Widow Records product from Italy goes with the name of Muffx. Don't let the looks of this album deceive you. This band gives you nice and easy listening semi psychedelic instrumental seventies prog. And that sums it all up in one sentence.

The 4 tracks their 4th album are of reasonable length as it suits a prog record .It gives you a variety of prog music you can fit in the diverse sounds of prog giants like Pink Floyd, Camel, VDGG, King Crimson and their countrymen Goblin to name a few...
Sometimes some heavier guitar riffs, sometimes a horn section are pulled out. It all makes sense in the prog way as we all know as readers of Background Magazine. It's really not bad to listen to, it brings you back to many “memory lanes”. Although the Turkish grumbling in some places doesn't add anything to the music.

All in all worth a listen if you're in to obscure early seventies prog.

*** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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