Moonloonies - Moonrockin

(CD 2015, 44:33, Temple Records)

The tracks:
  1- Dubfire(4:30)
  2- Morale Highground(4:45)
  3- Starflight(2:49)
  4- Pulse For Life(4:44)
  5- Deep Flat Flier(4:16)
  6- Rock-It City(6:30)
  7- Bang The Gong(4:32)
  8- Do The Bonzo(3:19)
  9- Breathe(2:24)
10- Doktor Squab(4:05)
11- Oscillating Orb(2:39)

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A spacy sounding band called Moonloonies released their already fourth album with Moonrockin. The band is mainly led by a person who names himself Crum (keyboards, guitar and vocals) - who was part of Hawkwind for a few years- and several guest musicians on drums, cello and rhythm guitar. The album reached me on a CDr. This way it looked like a home recording to me, but seems to be released as an official CD.

This eleven track album is mostly instrumental and tries to sound a bit like 'as the title states' rock. But for me it's more of an electronic album. Some guitar licks here and there doesn't make it 'rock' in my opinion. At first glance it sounds like easy listening, but in time it can be quite annoying. For instance the track Rock-It City creates an atmosphere of spacy sounds, with lots of effects, but there is a bass computer running through the whole song. It got on my nerves. I think it could be some form of art? You tell me?
Also the specially credited cello part in Breathe didn't make me shiver, I nearly missed it because it was pushed too far into the background and was too short to mention.

All in all it sounds to me like a carefully laid out carpet of sequences, a bit without inspiration. Good for background music for movies and documentaries.
Always with respect to the musicians, but it didn't quite catch me personally.

**+ Erik van Os (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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