Mistheria - Dragon Fire

(CD 2010, 63:21, Lion Music LMC293)

The tracks:
  1- Dragon Fire(4:41)
  2- Lies & Deception(6:30)
  3- Killing The Pain(5:18)
  4- +Two Of Us(8:00)
  5- Metal Opera pt.1 A.D. 1982(1:25)
  6- Metal Opera pt. 2 Eye Of The Storm(4:12)
  7- Now It's Never(5:08)
  8- Fire & Flames(5:27)
  9- Prelude 18 In F Min.(1:06)
10- Chopin Fantasy(5:58)
11- The Power Of One(6:42)
12- The Beast(4:26)
13- A Beautiful Dream(4:36)

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Keyboard superman Mistheria returns with an all-star band for his neo-classical prog metal album Dragon Fire. This album features thirteen new bombastic metal songs. Mistheria invited many guest musicians for this album like guitar players George Belllas, Neil Zaza, Roger Staffelbach and Emir Hot. The drums are played by John Macaluso, the bass guitar by Alberto Rigoni and furthermore we hear a number of vocalists, each with its own style. They were selected for the appropriate song on the album. So you can enjoy Rob Rock (Impelliteri), Lance King (Balance Of Power), Titta Tani (Astra & Ashent) and Mark Boals (ex-Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire, Royal Hunt). Boals is the kind of singer I really don't like as he screams too much and his voice is too high-pitched for my delicate ears...

All tracks are melodic and filled with those typical Italian and Scandinavian neo-classic power metal characteristics. Luckily Mistheria also comes up with a couple of prog rock passages that provide for the necessity of diversity in the music. One of my favourites is the rather heavy Killing The Pain which is filled with amazing arpeggios and a super fast guitar solo. Here Yngwie Malmsteen can eat his heart out! The album is produced excellently so Dragon Fire really sounds awesome! It's a must for fans of Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteen and the rather unknown cult band Artension. If you like these bands then you should buy this album without further ado! Last tip: if possible play at maximum volume!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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