This Misery Garden -
Another Great Day On Earth

(CD 2009; 61:56; Progrock Records PRR224-GR020SPV 452792)

The tracks:
  1- Another Great Day on Earth(5:00)
  2- Vermilion River(4:54)
  3- Rejection Song(5:29)
  4- Instant Recoil(5:54)
  5- Force Feed(3:37)
  6- Pantomines(5:17)
  7- Bittersweet(3:11)
  8- On the Edge(3:41)
  9- Swan Song(4:03)
10- Dirty Playground(3:53)
11- Fractured Days(3:52)
12- A Tasteless Poison(3:47)
13- Say No Word(3:39)
14- Everything Come to an End(5:33)

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The band name and the song titles indicate that we are not dealing with the happiest of guys on this release. In fact, the Swiss, Geneva-based band This Misery Garden profiles itself as a dark rock/metal band influenced by bands as Katatonia, Tool and A Perfect Circle. I would say the reference to Katatonia is the most appropriate, with maybe a hint of The Editors, although This Misery Garden has not yet reached the same level as these top bands. This would be a bit too much to ask as Another Great Day On Earth is only This Misery Gardenís debut album, but itís full of promises for the future. Dark driven songs with rather monotonous singing help the listener to come into a trance, which sometimes threatens to descent into boredom. Fortunately, almost every song gets a second hook somewhere in the second half to keep it interesting. All in all a full hour is a bit too long, because overall the songs are not that strong, but as I stated before This Misery Garden is a welcome newcomer on the scene.

*** Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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