Mindflower -
Little Enchanted Void

(CD 2009; 79:58; Musea FGBG 4795)

The tracks:
  1- Drowned into Creation Dream (Part 1)(04:31)
  2- Drowned into Creation Dream (Part 2)(03:12)
  3- Sinking in an Earthless Sky(04:48)
  4- Frail as a Starlight(04:46)
  5- From your Deep Sleep(02:03)
  6- The Linear coil (Part 1)(04:02)
  7- The Linear coil (Part 2)(02:25)
  8- Whirling Haze(01:48)
  9- A Council of ancient Fairies(04:57)
10- Grand dark Space(05:15)
11- Sentiero 1(02:01)
12- Sentiero 2(01:28)
13- Sentiero 3(01:45)
14- Night of the blue bottle (Part 1)(01:49)
15- Night of the blue bottle (Part 2)(04:09)
16- Walking near the Line(04:32)
17- You in verse is me(03:14)
18- Shaped as Points and Lines(02:09)
19- Universe is me(00:37)
20- Unreal fall into the point(04:57)
21- Sentiero 4(01:53)
22- Quartetto del piccolo Vuelo(02:45)
23- Mindfloating(02:29)
24- Weir on flow(02:09)
25- Enddne(02:27)
26- In Dreams of Crystal Depth(03:47)

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The latest and third effort of Italian trio Mindflower is a concept album shaped as a rock opera. The story is about a creature of light that travels from chaos to purity. The CD contains 26 tracks with a total time of eighty minutes, so there are many short tracks and rather short musical fragments linked to each other. These tracks range from quiet to very quiet with sometimes a fragment that resembles rock music. In general, the album makes a fragmented impression that makes listening to it less enjoyable. Frankly speaking, this CD is just boring. The CD-booklet states that the music takes some time to absorb, so you will slowly start to appreciate it… Sorry, but I don’t have that kind of patience.

*André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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