Millenium -
Reincarnations 2010

(CD 2010, 73:37, Lynx Music LM60CD-DG)

The tracks:
  1- Light Your Cigar(7:27)
  2- Reincarnation, prt II & III (5:16)
  3- Eternal Tale(4:05)
  4- Higher Than Me(6:16)
  5- Hundreds Of Falling Rivers(6:00)
  6- The Casino Of Love(4:15)
  7- Reincarnation Part I(1:29)
  8- Gold Is In Your Mind(5:25)
  9- He's Hearing Me(6:57)
10- The King Of Broken Glass(5:14)
11- My Life Domino(5:37)
Bonus track:
13- The Casino Of Love - Suite (15:30)

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In 2002 the Polish band Millenium released Reincarnations, an album with many Pink Floyd-influences due to the guitar parts done by Piotr Plonka. However, the many neo-prog influences are also very recognizable on this concept album about twelve different theories of reincarnation. In many respects, this album suited the new and more melodic musical style of Millenium.

After the success of the album Exist (2008, see review), more people became interested in the back catalogue of the band. As a result Reincarnations sold out while there was still a certain demand for it. So a new release was welcome. Apart from a new graphic design in a digipack - all Millenium CDs will be re-released in a digipack version - the new version also has a few changes in the recordings. While mixing the material in 2002, keyboard player and producer Ryszard Kramarski had the idea of combining three independent songs into one piece thus making the suite The Casino Of Love. Later on he realized it was not the correct thing to do. Having the re-edition in mind he decided to return to the original version and the original sequence of songs presenting the twelve theories of reincarnation. The suite now has been added as a bonus track. Moreover, Hundreds Of Falling Rivers has been added too, which is previously unreleased as well as the alternative version of My Life Domino, released on the compilation album 7 Years (2007). At the end of the mixing process in 2002 he couldn't decide which version was to appear on the album. Apparently the time is right to present the other rendition. Kamarski is convinced that this re-shaped album will reveal the theories of reincarnations both in the musical and literary sense to the listeners.

After listening to this version and comparing it to the other release, I must say that it was a wise decision to do so. The whole story indeed makes more sense as far as the music and the literary sense are concerned. The extra fifteen minutes of music make this release worth-while buying especially if you're a fan of great neo-progressive rock music and enjoy the music of Pink Floyd. People who have a copy of Exist in their collection should buy this one.

In the meantime the release of a new digipack version of Numbers And The Big Dreams Of Mr. Sunders with a new graphic design and some musical changes has become available. White Crow is another Millenium-release that is already available. Watch this website for reviews of all the abovementioned titles!

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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