Millenium -
Tales Of Imaginary Movies

(CD 2022, 49:49, Lynx Music LM216CD)

The tracks:
  1- Tales Of Imaginary Movies (The Opening Credits)(2:21)
  2- Invisible Superhero(7:49)
  3- A World Full Of Spies(5:00)
  4- Brightness Hidden In The Dark(7:28)
  5- A Comedy Of Love(5:30)
  6- The Sounds Of War(7:02)
  7- Memories In Tears(6:42)
  8- Second Earth(4:24)
  9- Tales Of Imaginary Movies (The End Credits)(3:33)

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During the years Poland has turned into a very prolific prog country, from Collage, Quidam and Satellite to Moonshine, Believe, Osada Vida, and of course the outstanding and very popular Riverside. Another interesting band is Millenium, a five piece formation that has released 18 studio-albums, 1 live album, 2 live DVD's and 7 compilations between 1999 and 2022, an incredible amount! The previous studio-album is The Sin (see review) from 2020, I wrote about it on TVRDO: And now, anno 2022, here's the latest effort entitled Tales Of Imaginary Movies (total running time around 50 minute). Singer Lukasz Gall has been replaced by new member David Lewandowski, from the Kramarski Project.

On this new album Millennium delivers 7 tastefully arranged, very melodic and harmonic compositions, often in the realm of Neo-Prog but also more AOR oriented, from mellow to bombastic, with the focus on strong English vocals with lots of emotion and compelling guitar work, often reminding me of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd).

The more dynamic and varied tracks are Invisible Superhero (huge tension, between mellow, slow rhythms and bombastic eruptions, embellished with inspired vocals and intense guitar), the wonderful ballad Brightness Hidden In The Dark ( from dreamy piano and vocals - in the vein of Roger Waters on The Wall - to halfway more lush and powerful sound with inspired vocals, and in the end moving guitar soli) and Memories In Tears (featuring emotional vocals, Mellotron-flute like keyboard sound, howling guitar leads, and finally heavy and biting guitar solo).

The song Second Earth contains a dreamy climate, tender vocals and piano, wonderful strings, the sound is intense with a melancholicy undertone, a bit dark but beautiful.

The most accessible compositions are A World Full Of Spies (rock guitar, tight beat and a harder-edged sensitive guitar solo), A Comedy Of Love (in the end a fiery wah-wah drenched guitar solo with sumptuous keyboards) and The Sounds Of War (catchy beat, rock guitar, vocal harmonies, halfway and in the end moving guitar soli).

And finally the two-part title track Tales Of Imaginary Movies, part 1 (The Opening Credits) with majestic keyboard layers and howling guitar runs, pretty compelling, and part 2 (The End Credits) atmospheric with again howling guitar.

If you are up to accessible and modern sounding prog with the focus on strong vocals and moving guitar work, I am sure this album will delight you!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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