Millenium -
Numbers And The Big Dream Of Mr. Sunders

(CD 2010/2006, 67:39, Lynx Music LM64CD-DG)

The tracks:
  1- Numbers(7:52)
  2- Night Voice In My Head(7:14)
  3- Wishmaker(4:44)
  4- Political Hero(6:22)
  5- Alone In Fame(7:30)
  6- Back To The Childhood(4:08)
  7- Family Play(4:38)
  8- Dream About Aliens(7:45)
  9- Help The People(6:25)
10- ...And The Big Dream Of Mr Sunders(5:47)
11- Wake Up John! Alternative Ending [Bonus](5:10)

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With the re-release of Numbers And The Big Dream Of Mr. Sunders all CDs of Millenium have finally been released in a digipack format, something that was particularly done for their fans. Numbers... was the final album of the Three Brothers-trilogy. This time the protagonist has to deal with strange numbers and dreams. In the winter of 2005 band leader and keyboard player Ryszard Kramarski not only had the flu, but he also had a dream about winning a lot of money in a lottery. That was the beginning of the idea for Mr. Sunders. It resulted in a strong album with many influences from well-known neo-progressive rock bands as Marillion and Pendragon. However, influences of the music of Pink Floyd are noticeable as well on the ten tracks. Especially the guitar play of Piotr Płonka is responsible for this comparison.

Comparing this release to the original one doesn't reveal many changes, apart from the completely different cover. I guess it wasn't necessary since the strong compositions don't need changes to make the album stronger. However, after many suggestions from the fans only the second part of Talk To Aliens was added to the original track. This part had been erased deliberately during the mixes in 2006. Now these two songs appear in a full-length version under the title Dream About Aliens and so form the integral part of this concept album. Also the song Wake Up John! was added as a bonus to be the alternative end of the album. This piece of music hails originally from the EP Three Brothers Epilogue. It fits the album perfectly, because it contains the same kind of music as the remainder of the album. The story line is included in the booklet just like all the English lyrics but, unlike the original release they now added the Polish lyrics as well.

I think not so many people own the original version of this album, and therefore I welcomed this re-release very much! People who like the music of Pink Floyd in particular and neo-progressive rock music in general, should at least listen once to this album.  

***+ Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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