Millenium -
In Search Of The Perfect Melody

(CD 2014, 56:34, Lynx Music LM 90CD-DG)

The tracks:
  1- In Search Of The Perfect Melody(19:50)
  2- Girl From A Glass Sphere(7:09)
  3- The Mirror Of Memories(7:00)
  4- Blood On The Rain(4:21)
  5- Over & Over(5:40)
  6- In The World Of Fantasy?(12:27)

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Without a doubt Millenium are one of the best progressive rock bands from Poland. During their years of existence they delivered high class albums which are cherished all around the world. The band's latest release In Search Of The Perfect Melody proofs this once again.

This kind of anniversary album - released when they had their 15th anniversary - opens with the band's longest composition ever written. During this almost twenty minutes long title track the band tells the story of a composer who makes a pact with the devil in order to create the perfect melody. On the other hand this epic piece is sort of a tribute to classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and Wagner. Not only to the great classic composers but also to those who wrote the classic prog tunes years ago. They are talking about Supper's Ready (Genesis), Echoes (Pink Floyd), Close To The Edge (Yes) or The Turn Of A Friendly Card (The Alan Parsons Project). I guess it may not come as a surprise that the last mentioned bands have some kind of influence to this great opening piece of music. Pink Floyd has always been an inspiration to the band. Guitarist Piotr Płonka shows it once again on this track. But also the addition of guests Dariusz Rybka on saxophone and Karolina Leszko on backing vocals moves the music towards this great British band. I guess you could say the way Ryszard Kramarski touches his keyboards shows his tribute to Genesis and Yes. Singer Lukasz Gall has a voice that would perfectly fit on an album by The Alan Parsons Project. No questioning about that even if he for a moment changes his lyrics from English to German. To those who think that after this superb opening track the best part of the album is over I have some bad news, because fortunately that's not the case. The band keeps coming up with high quality progressive rock music throughout the rest of the album. The already mentioned guests and Marek Juza (Metus) on dark male vocals and Piotr Bylica on cello are certainly to blame. They all gave the album the extra variety it needed. You can hear this once again on the final track In The World Of Fantasy? which ends the album in style. Those who might think they have heard this song before are very much right about that. It already appeared on In The World Of Fantasy? ...and Other Rarities (2014, see review). A compilation album with old and new rarities.

Most of all those who enjoyed the Millenium releases Exist (2008, see review) and EGO (2013, see review) I would advise to check out In Search Of The Perfect Melody. The same kind of neo progressive rock mixed with elements taken of Pink Floyd's music can be found on this excellent release! Happy birthday Millenium!!!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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