Millenium - Ego

(CD 2013, 52:10,lynx music LM 80-DG)

The tracks:
  1- Ego(10:35)
  2- Born in 67(9:01)
  3- Dark Secrets(6:45)
  4- When I Fall(5:23)
  5- Lonely Man(10:37)
  6- Goodbye My Earth(10:01)

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Is this a new Pink Floyd album? No it isn't! But I was heavenly surprised by the sound of the Polish band Millenium. Band members Lukasz Gall (vocals), Piotr Plonka (guitars), Krystztof Wyrwa (bass and Warr guitar), Tomasz Pasko (drums) and Ryszard Kramarski (keyboards), with their guests Karolina Leszko (vocals), Dariusz Rybka (saxophones) and Michal Bylica (trumpet), are playing like an excellent cover band of one of my personal favourites.

First song Ego has a long instrumental intro with synths and acoustic guitars. Millenium slowly builds the pace. It is in the style of Pink Floyd's Learning To Fly and Take It Back,  with several synthesizer and guitar solos with nice breaks in the middle of this ten minute song. The lyrics of Ego match the title. It's about the difficulty of sometimes having to curb your own ego. Second track, Born In 67, is a happier, more friendly song, with a beautiful trumpet(!) solo from Michal Bylica, and a typical David Gilmour- like guitar solo, and at the end, a long saxophone solo from Dariusz. I love this kind of progressive rock. Dark Secrets has a more Saga-like approach. Especially at the end when, you can revel in the delicious synth and guitar duels. Lonely Man, another ten minute song, has a great exciting intro. The lyrics are introverted and is about the theme loneliness. Halfway, the bluesy saxophone maintains the melancholic feeling. Both Lukasz and Karolina are singing with passion, without being sentimental. On the last song, Goodbye My Earth, the excellent guitar solo finishes off the track in the best possible way; it is the best song on this album. Classic, progressive rock, combined with neo-prog at it's best.

Studio album number 9 from Millenium is worth listening to. If you like intelligent, psychological lyrics with clear progressive rock songs, than this is the right one for you.  

****+ Cor Smeets (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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