Mike Kershaw - Ice Age

(CD 2014, 56.19, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Frame And Glass(8:02)
  2- Guardian(5:17)
  3- Inside The Frame(6:47)
  4- Broken Skies(2:50)
  5- Blossom Falls(7:29)
  6- Terracotta(5:00)
  7- Tomorrow's Door(5:02)
  8- Yesterdays(8:41)
  9- When Winter Comes(7:07)

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Mike Kershaw is a unique musician. First appearing under the name Relocate To Heathrow in 2011, he then decided to record all his future projects under his own name.

Ice Age is album number four after the releases of Reasons To Believe in 2012 and Long Night and Winter both in 2013. Mike's music can be described as keyboard and electronic driven progressive rock in the vein of early Ultravox, Brassť and the very, very early music of The Simple Minds. The lyrics are haunting and mysterious but not always easy to understand. Something I really missed were some quiet interludes or a nice ballad. The pace of this album is always fast without any moments of rest. That is one thing that I didn't like. Another point of attention is the way of Mike's singing. He articulates not very clearly and therefore all lyrics seems quite familiar. By not using a variety of pitches, the sound of music is somewhat monotone. Some songs go then at the bottom of wordiness and last in my view also just too long. Certainly, Mike has lots of talents and skills but it's a pity that there was no really good adviser or producer to help him be more critical. Fortunately, there are still positive things to mention. Listen to his keyboard solos on Tomorrow's Door and his imaginary way of composing deserves some compliments. Yesterdays, the penultimate song seemed like an up tempo song from the Canadian legend Leonard Cohen. All in all this is the best song on Ice Age.

**+ Cor Smeets (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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