Michaelīs Statement -

(CD 2022, 57:32, Rock Ton Records)

The tracks:
  1- Aurora Borealis(4:38)
  2- The Light(5:54)
  3- Big Bang(13:54)
  4- Meine Welt, Deine Welt(6:29)
  5- The Truth In Between(4:15)
  6- Human Reality(8:13)
  7- Who Is Listening?(8:48)
  8- One Moment Of Silence(5:21)

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Michael's Statement is a project by German multi-instrumentalist Michael Vuckovac who earlier played in Night Patrol and Audrey's Dance. This is his third effort, on Isolation he has invited a huge array of guest musicians, on bass, electric guitars, vintage keyboards, saxophone, flutes and vocals.

Most of the tracks of this album evoke Seventies Barclay James Harvest to me, due to the simply structured melodic compositions, loaded with moving electric guitar and the unsurpassed Mellotron. Between dreamy with soaring strings and tender piano to a sumptuous eruption with moving guitar and lush Mellotron in Aurora Borealis. Majestic Mellotron waves with emotional English vocals in The Light. First dreamy with Mellotron flute and then a slow rhythm with sensitive electric guitar and finally bombastic with bass pedals in Big Bang. And a dreamy intro, then a slow rhythm with Mellotron choirs and saxophone, and halfway a moving electric guitar solo in Who Is Listening?.

The song Meine Welt, Deine Welt delivers a mellow atmosphere with celestial female vocals, obviously inspired by The Great Gig In The Sky from Pink Floyd, finally spacey saxophone. In The Truth In Between a slow rhythm with pleasant work on piano and saxophone. The most original composition is One Moment Of Silence featuring a slow rhythm, spoken words, the ominous Mellotron sound reminds me of early The Rolling Stones in 2000 Light Years From Home. And finally a moving electric guitar solo.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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