Metus - Out Of Time

(CD 2010, 45:13/45:35, Lynx Music ANT 01 2CD-DG)

The tracks:
CD1: Out Of Time
  1- At Night
  2- When The Wind Blows
  3- I Dream Of My Authentic Home
  4- Where ..Only Thou
  5- You Are My Unique Vocation
  6- And I Wish To Reveal To You
  7- Let The Heart Guide Us
  8- Out Of Time
  9- Thought All I Am Is Vanity...
CD2: Poza Czas
  1- W Nocy
  2- Gdy Wieje Wiatr
  3- Marzę O Prawdziwym Domu
  4- Gdzie...Tylko Ty
  5- Jesteś Moim Powołaniem
  6- I Pragnę Wyznać Ci
  7- Niech Serce Wiedzie Nas
  8- Poza Czas
  9- Choć Marność Jest We Mnie

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In 2009 Metus released Beauty. Our reviewer said the following about that album: 'Metus is a one-man project from Poland providing us with a very dark kind of music. It's a search for the hidden light, the inner peace, faith and love versus the deeds of the flesh, development of spirituality and the desire to reach for the unknown. The man who created this material is vocalist and keyboard player Marek Juza. He recorded Beauty with the help of Krysztof Lepiarczyk (keyboards), Marcin Kruczek (guitars), Krysztof Wyrwa (bass), Grzegorz Bauer (drums) and Piotr Bylica (cello). Like I said, the music is dark, but on the other hand it sometimes has nice accents with acoustic guitars which cause the sun to appear on the horizon. The dark atmosphere of Beauty can be described best as a mixture of Paradise Lost, Tiamat and Moonspell'.

For the review of the second release Out Of Time I easily can write down the same sentences. Composition wise Marek Juza 'copied' a large part of his previous album. This time he even recorded a double-CD to tell the story. One disc contains the music with English vocals while the second one contains about the same music, but now the lyrics are sung in Polish. However, the same musicians created the same dark and depressing atmosphere. Sometimes you get the idea that this music was written for a funeral. Therefore people who have the intention to commit suicide shouldn't listen to this album. This is honestly what I thought when I listened to the music of Mr. Juza, who dedicated this album to his beloved wife. I sincerely hope that she's still alive while you read this review. I think that if you love your wife so much you should try to write some cheerful music that will make her happy. I guess there are other ways to express your feelings towards your partner.

However, the music that I heard on Out Of Time isn't bad at all, but you have to be in the right mood to appreciate this kind of dark music. The musicians that created it are very good on their instruments, but above all they know how to bring you in a depressed mood. At the same time, however, they know how to give you hope for better times as well. The acoustic guitar and piano parts bring you into a friendlier mood, but the music is always very mellow and slow; never a beat too much. While listening to the music, I didn't think of the abovementioned bands only, but the Australian musician Nick Cave came also to my mind. Does anybody remember his duet with Kylie Minogue? The song Where The Wild Roses Grow (1995) could have been taken from this album. It's the same kind of song with a very depressed feel.

I hope in the future Metus will release some music that shows the bright side of life. There is a bright side of life, you know, and there's no reason why we shouldn't enjoy it on a Metus-record. Being depressed isn't that difficult, but being happy is a style of living and music can be a great help to live this way. After all, every cloud has a silver lining...

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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