Messenger - Threnodies

(CD 2016, 46:17, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Calyx(6:36)
  2- Oracles Of War(8:34)
  3- Balearic Blue(6:34)
  4- Celestial Spheres(6:09)
  5- Nocturne(5:22)
  6- Pareidolia(7:47)
  7- Crown Of Ashes(5:15)

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Messenger is an English band from London, founded only three years ago in 2012. Their debut album, released in 2014, was called Illusory Blues and now Messenger release their sophomore album Threnodies via Inside Out Music. Messenger is a rather “weird” band as you cannot really put a label on their music, as it is a mysterious blend of rock, prog, hard rock, doom, folk and classic rock. In fact you could call Threnodies an up to date mix of progressive rock, hard rock and psychedelia in the veins of Pink Floyd.

Threnodies contains seven brand new tracks and they all clock between the five and eight minute mark. Calyx is the brilliant opener, filled with eclectic melodies and lots of interesting guitar textures, but also with rather melodic vocals by Khaled Lowe and Barnaby Maddick. To me Calyx is one of the highlights of this album as it really reminds me of one of my favourite English bands: Anathema. Celestial Spheres is also a great track, as it has “obvious” influences of Pink Floyd and another progressive dinosaur: Yes. The longest song on the album Oracles Of War (8:34) is also the heaviest track of the album, as it almost sounds like doom metal mixed with rather weird blues characteristics. Pareidola is the most straight-forward progressive rock song with elements of Porcupine Tree and the most sensational guitar work of the entire album.

I truly can say that there is no mediocre song on the entire album, although maybe the rather tranquil Crown Of Ashes is the weakest song, but overall Threnodies is a great album. Especially if you throw on some headphones you will be amazed and after a few spins you may even get hooked on Threnodies; enjoy!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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