Medea - A Fate Symphony

(CD 2020, 60:23, Snakebite Records)

The tracks:
  1- Seizures(6:05)
  2- Traces Of A Fate Symphony(7:59)
  3- To Change History(5:27)
  4- Regression(5:31)
  5- Chest Without Books(5:58)
  6- Hungarian Dance(2:54)
  7- Blood Countess(4:38)
  8- Nova Zembla (Third Time's A Charm)(7:49)
  9- Orange's Brides(5:36)
10- Murderer Or Martyr(9:53)

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A Fate Symphony is already the 4th rock opera made by Medea. Medea is a solo project and the brainchild of composer and multi-musician Henry Meeuws. If you liked his previous albums and you enjoy the music of Ayreon then this album will again be a treat for your precious ears.

A Fate Symphony contains ten new songs and the album clocks just over an hour playing time. As usual Meeuws plays the guitars and the keyboards and he “hires” a couple of singers for the vocal parts. On this album you can hear the voices of Bart Schwartmann, Bas Dolmans, Jo de Boeck and Joss Mennen; the latter mentioned is of course known from his work with the rock band Mennen. A Fate Symphony is a concept album, again, and the music can best be described as melodic prog with symphonic musical characteristics and influences from bands like Ayreon and Dream Theater. Musical highlights, as far as I am concerned are: Seizures, Chest Without Books (with lots of different singers and lots of interesting lyrics) and last but not least: Murderer Or Martyr.

A Fate Of Symphony proves again what a musical talent Meeuws is and if you are into melodic rock operas then you should give this album a chance. Play it at maximum volume on your headphones and the musical experience will even be better!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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