Max Hunt -
Music From The Void

(CD 2023, 60:47, Force Ten Productions FTPCD2027)

The tracks:
  1- Tale Of Creation(9:55)
         - i. Yru Urman
         - ii. In His Mystery
         - iii. Hearken
  2- Ghenésis (The Prelude)(5:50)
  3- The First Theme Of Eru(10:57)
         - i. Declaration
         - ii. Formation
         - iii. Evolution
         - iv. Melkor´s Corruption
  4- The Second Theme Of Eru(10:57)
         - i. Declaration
         - ii. Formation
         - iii. Dark Interruption
         - iv. Restoration
         - v. Evolution
         - vi. Melkor´s Corruption
  5- The Third Theme Of Eru(10:54)
         - i. Declaration
         - ii. Formation
         - iii. Meditation
         - iv. Evolution
         - v. Melkor´s Corruption
         - vi. The Resolution of Eru
  6- Behold The Vision(12:10)
         - i. Emergence
         - ii. Formation
         - iii. Comprehension
         - iv. Yru Ellem Unai Eya

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Music From The Void is a musical interpretation of J.R.R. Tolkien´s Ainulindë by Max Hunt. Instrumentally Hunt provides keyboards, percussion, and lapharp and is joined by Colin Masson on guitars and bass. Vocals are provided by Hunt, Clive Bayley, Gerlinde Hunt and Cathy Alexander.

The album plays out like a wonderful “movie” soundtrack effectively creating sonic landscapes instead of visual ones. The strength here is in composition and arrangement. The album's narrative is presented through the musical highs and lows and Hunt has wisely allowed the music to speak for itself - vocal sections are used as accents and building blocks are woven into the musical themes.

The performances both musically and vocally are top notch and overall the album allows the listener to easily get lost in the moods and dream-like sequences.

Another excellent album by Max Hunt and, again, one that puts his unique signature upon the music and the story.

**** David Carswell

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