Master Experience -
Billions Of Grains

(CD 2012, 31:27, Ma.Ra.Cash Records)

The tracks:
  1- October part 1 Another Day Has Gone(1:47)
  2- The Shout(5:30)
  3- Mind Control(5:48)
  4- Multitude of Solitude(4:08)
  5- The Audience(4:28)
  6- Mass Destruction(4:32)
  7- October part 2 I Return(5:18)

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The Italian band Master Experience, formed in 1994, consist of Matteo Beneventi (vocals), Luca Margini (guitars), Matteo Catellani (keyboards), Marco Bonetti (bass), Alessandro Casolaro (drums). They mostly compose their songs in the studio during jam sessions. Recently Master Experience released Billions Of Grains, their first studio album.

The album starts with an intro called October, part 1 - Another Day Has Gone, which includes industrial soundscapes. The Shout is a nice track influenced by fusion. Mind Control starts with a piano melody and in the middle section a keyboard melody tries to draw your attention for the following delicious and groovy rhythm. Multitude Of Solitude reminds me of Pain Of Salvation. The Audience is very energetic combining synth elements with heavy parts. Mass Destruction is an excellent piece about musicianship. It's a dynamic track with many mood changes.

While listening to the debut album of Master Experience, I think that the brilliant ideas they have should be extended; the groovy sections should be placed more in the forefront. I would like to recommend this album to fans of Fates Warning, Pain Of Salvation and Porcupine Tree.

*** Zafer YŁksel (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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