Martin Miller -
Maze Of My Mind

(CD 2023, 39:28, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Something New(8:56)
  2- Fragments(5:52)
  3- Left Inside(7:32)
  4- Web Of Lies(6:38)
  5- Compass (Beneath The Lights)(10:26)

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Martin Miller is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter from Leipzig in Germany. Miller's solo debut album Maze Of My Mind is a must for people who like progressive music that also touches upon the worlds of metal, rock and AOR.

Opening track Something New is a mix of Toto and AOR influences, featuring a very melodic and catchy chorus, but also a very strong, emotional, soaring guitar solo.This is the first time that Martin Miller sings on this album and I have to say that his voice sounds rather cool, relaxed and very assured; however it is his guitar work - a blend of Tommy Demander and Steve Lukather- that really gets my attention, as his killer solo in the latter stages of Something New is absolutely impressive; making this opening track the sheer top notch song of this album. Follow up Fragments is a quieter song as Miller takes things down a notch. The piano parts and the strings make this one an almost ballad, featuring emotional vocals by Miller, and the song ends with a smooth guitar solo. Left Inside is kind of groovy and funky, but it also is the most poppy track on this album; furthermore, in my humble opinion this song is also a bit too long as it really has not enough musical variety compared to the other songs. Web Of Lies opens with an interesting, almost jazzy instrumental part of two minutes where the bass parts of Ben Jud sets the drive. Later on, it evolves into a punchy rock track with keyboard solos and Miller's voice sometimes sounding like James LaBrie, indeed...., Miller's crunchy guitar solo is way too short but very sweet here. Closing track Compass (Beneath The Lights), the longest one, clocking in over ten minutes, is the second true highlight of Maze Of Your Mind. Compass is a beautifully composed song, extremely melodic and full of diversity and Sebastian Lanser (drums), Ben Jud (bass guitar) and Marius Leicht (keyboards) really play their asses of here, while Miller delivers a couple of his best guitar solos of the album.

So, a true AOR/symphonic/progressive rock gem indeed, a MUST have for fans of Toto, Journey and lovers of outstanding guitar picking.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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