Mars Hollow -
World In Front Of Me

(CD 2011; 47:17; 10Trecords 10T10051)

The tracks:
  1- Walk On Alone(12:31)
  2- Voices(6:23)
  3- Weapon(6:52)
  4- What Have I Done(5:56)
  5- Mind Over Matter(2:27)
  6- Prelude(1:48)
  7- World In Front Of Me(11:18)

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After their self-titled debut album, released in 2010, the American group Mars Hollow was hailed by many as a new bright prog sensation. There was a lot of praise for the lengthy compositions which heralded back to the old prog days, and the references with the prog giants of the seventies, particularly Yes (not like Glass Hammer as almost  a copy but more the style and general feel of Yes). Well, those people will be very happy with sophomore album World In Front Of Me because all the characteristics which made the debut famous are present here. Keyboard player Steve Mauk, guitar player John Baker, bass player Kerry Chicoine, and drummer Jerry Beller (they all sing) seem to have made another winner. The only problem is ... I don't get excited from this album, as I also wasn't with the debut. My biggest gripe is the compositions, before the CD has finished I have already forgotten about the songs, there isn't one which really sticks with me. In addition, I find the singing rather flat and the production of the CD isn't too good either: the bass drums are way too dominant in the sound pallet. Believe me when I say I have tried and tried but I don't get the excitement. Compared to bands like Airbag, Mars Hollow for me is a solid but not too remarkable prog band.

**+André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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