Mario Cottarelli -
Una Strana Commedia

(CD 2011, 45:30, NLM 199)

The tracks:
  1- Una Strana Commedia(10:24)
  2- L'Occho Del Ciclone(6:38)
  3- Corto Circuito(6:26)
  4- Bianca Scia(9:25)
  5- L'Orgoglo Di Arlecchino(12:26)

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Mario Cottarelli is an Italian multi-instrumentalist and his new album is again filled with seventies symphonic rock. The follow up to Prodigiosa Macchina (see review) which was released in 2007. This second release bored me almost to death after listening to 45 minutes of music. The music on Una Strana Commedia is old-fashioned but most of all: DULL. All 5 songs sound the same and are dominated by piano, weird vocals and organ passages from the seventies. The songs were composed way back during the years 1974 till 1981 and that says it all, actually. This album is only suitable for die hard lovers of old Italian symphonic rock/pop and therefore I have to pass as this music does not come to live for me. It is rather original and authentic, but also so boring that I almost fell asleep during my listening sessions. So, you decide....

*Martien Koolen

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