Marillion -
The Official Bootleg, vol 2

(CD 2010, 8-CD Box Set EMI 50999 6 32521 2 5)

The tracks:
CD 1: De Monfort Hall, Leicester (24th April 1990) Part 1
CD 2: De Montfort Hall, Leicester (24th April 1990) Part 2
CD 3: Cumbria Rock Festival, Workington (13th July 1991)
CD 4: Wembley Arena, London (5th September 1992) Part 1
CD 5: Wembley Arena, London (5th September 1992) Part 2
CD 6: Congresshaus, Warsaw, Poland (15th June 1994) Part 1
CD 7: Congresshaus, Warsaw, Poland (15th June 1994) Part 2
CD 8: BBC Sessions EP
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Marillionís former record label never released a CD-version of their first live-DVD with Steve Hogarth. The live DVDís recorded with Fish, Recital Of The Script and Live From Loreley, both got a CD-version in 2009. These albums contained additional songs that you couldnít find on the DVD. Therefore, they were a Ďmust haveí for all Marillion-fans, especially those who always thought that Fish is a better vocalist than Hogarth. However, since the label decided to release The Official Bootleg Box Set, vol 2 they put that straight. On this release Steve Hogarth is the lead singer. Itís in fact the successor of Early Stages: The Official Bootlegs 1982-1987 with Fish as lead singer.

This box consists of eight CDís; the first two contain the complete soundtrack of the live show filmed at Montfort Hall, Leicester, England in1990 for the DVD From Stroke Row To Ipanema. The sound of this gig, one of Hogarthís first performances as a lead singer, is of a high quality. Well, actually you could say itís excellent. The same applies for the other six CDís containing live recordings of albums as Seasonís End, Holidays In Eden and Brave. The third disc contains recordings made for the BBC Friday Rock Show of a gig at the Cumbria Rock Festival in July 1991. The Holidays In Eden- album was just released and Hogarth had become a better frontman on stage. Marillion starts with a number of songs taken from that album, but they also perform songs from the Fish-era. I never felt any objection when Hogarth sings the lyrics once written and sung by Fish. Songs as Slŗinte Mhath, Warm Wet Circles and That Time Of The Night still sound very well. The audience has no objection either, because they regularly sing along with Steve.
The fourth and fifth CD contain recordings of the gig at the Wembley Arena, London in 1992. During this performance we can enjoy more songs from Holidays In Eden, but also the additional songs they recorded for the compilation album A Single Collection 1982-1992. The live renditions of songs as Walk On Water and the cover Sympathy have greater impact than the studio versions, because Hogarth knows how to handle the audience and therefore the band get more motivated to perform the songs better. Disc six and seven contain the integral performance of Brave in 1994 at the Congresshaus, Warsaw, Poland. If you were lucky enough to watch the band perform this masterpiece as a whole you know that this is one of their best theatrical performances ever. However, Brave was not the only album on the menu of this tour. It also featured a collection of songs taken from the Fish-era, because they knew a lot of European fans still love to hear that stuff. You can hear it again on this release, bringing back many pleasant memories!

The eighth and final CD lasts hardly fourteen minutes. This disc shows that Marillion is one of the few bands that are able to perform their music in an acoustic setting and still sounding great. I think one of the reasons is the way Steve Hogarth sings. With a strong voice he always manages to put emotions in a song; no exception on the four tracks on this release. First we have two pieces recorded for a Bob Harris-session in January 1992. Sympathy and Kaleigh are principally performed on the bass and the acoustic guitars accompanied by the string synthesizers which gave the tracks a warmer sound. Made Again and Hollow Man were performed two years later for the Johnnie Walker-sessions to promote the Brave- album. On the first track you hear Steveís vocals only accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The second track was probably played by Steve on an acoustic piano, but itís not mentioned in the credits.

This collection of never released live recordings is a collectorís item for every fan of Marillion with Steve Hogarth as a singer. When you listen to all the CDís you just realize Marillionís of the best live bands on the globe. People who saw them live on stage certainly will agree. For me, it doesnít matter they didnít perform the music from my favourite albums with Steve Hogarth. They still manage to play excellently and thatís just what they do best...

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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The tracks:
CD1: De Monfort Hall, Leicester (24th April 1990) Part 1 (46:59)
  1- The King Of Sunset Town(6:50)
  2- SlŠinte Mhath(4:40)
  3- Easter(6:39)
  4- The Uninvited Guest(4:52)
  5- Warm Wet Circles(4:01)
  6- That Time Of The Night(5:55)
  7- Holloway Girl(5:20)
  8- Berlin(8:43)
CD 2: De Montfort Hall, Leicester (24th April 1990) Part 2:(44:45)
  1- Seasons End(7:41)
  2- Hooks In You(3:00)
  3- The Space(6:36)
  4- Kayleigh(3:47)
  5- Lavender(2:38)
  6- Hearth Of Lothian(3:00)
  7- Incommunicado(5:07)
  8- After Me(3:40)
  9- Market Square Heroes(9:17)
CD 3: Cumbria Rock Festival, Workington (13th July 1991)
BBC Friday Rock Show Ė Derwent Park Rugby Stadium:
  1- Splintering Heart(6:23)
  2- Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)(3:54)
  3- SlŠinte Mhath(5:13)
  4- The Uninvited Guest(5:27)
  5- The Party(6:24)
  6- Warm Wet Circles(4:00)
  7- That Time Of The Night(6:06)
  8- No One Can(5:23)
  9- Script For A Jesterís Tear(8:38)
10- This Town(3:00)
11- The Rakes Progress(0:48)
12- Kayleigh(3:53)
13- King Of Sunset Town(4:09)
14- Holidays In Eden(4:49)
15- Hooks In You(2:49)
CD 4: Wembley Arena, London (5th September 1992) Part 1:(51:15)
  1- Holidays In Eden(4:57)
  2- Garden Party(6:52)
  3- I Will Walk On Water(4:13)
  4- The Party(7:16)
  5- Hotel Hobbies(3:23)
  6- Warm Wet Circles(4:06)
  7- That Time Of The Night(6:04)
  8- Easter(5:49)
  9- Incommunicado(4:53)
10- Sympathy(3:43)
CD 5: Wembley Arena, London (5th September 1992) Part 2:(54:51)
  1- No One Can(6:15)
  2- Kayleigh(3:54)
  3- Lavender(2:33)
  4- Heart Of Lothian(2:51)
  5- Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)(4:17)
  6- SlŠinte Mhath(5:37)
  7- This Town(3:37)
  8- The Rakes Progress(3:13)
  9- 100 Nights(7:00)
10- Waiting To Happen(5:33)
11- Script For A Jesterís Tear(10:01)
CD 6: Congresshaus, Warsaw, Poland (15th June 1994) Part 1:(78:49)
  1- Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)(4:09)
  2- SlŠinte Mhath(4:25)
  3- The Uninvited Guest(4:30)
  4- Sugar Mice(6:24)
  5- Bridge(2:45)
  6- Living With The Big Lie(6:37)
  7- Runaway(4:38)
  8- Goodbye To All That(11:55)
  9- Hard As Love(6:29)
10- The Hollow Man(4:31)
11- In The Lap Of Luxery/Now Wash Your Hands(7:56)
12- Paper Lies(5:07)
13- Brave(9:23)
CD 7: Congresshaus, Warsaw, Poland (15th June 1994) Part 2:(49:57)
  1- The Great Escape(8:24)
  2- Made Again(5:38)
  3- Easter(6:41)
  4- Warm Wet Circles(4:01)
  5- That Time Of The Night(5:38)
  6- Garden Party(7:10)
  7- Kayleigh(4:00)
  8- Lavender(2:29)
  9- Heart Of Lothian(3:02)
10- Hooks In You(2:52)
CD 8: BBC Sessions EP:(13:29)
Bob Harris Session (1st January 1992):
  1- Sympathy(2:24)
  2- Kayleigh(2:55)
Johnnie Walker Session (4th March 1994):
  3- Made Again(4:01)
  4- Hollow Man(4:09)

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