Maidens Of Mercury - Life

(CD EP 2020, 17:01, BMH Audio BMHCD003)

The tracks:
  1- The Messenger(3:22)
  2- Before The Madness(3:46)
  3- Slipping Away(3:45)
  4- Life(4:44)
  5- The Messenger (Reprise)(1:22)

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Maidens Of Mercury is the solo project of Hekz lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Matt Young. Born out of the need to shine a light into the darkness, when all his musical intentions for this year vanished into a total lockdown and an insecure musical future.

This EP; Life sees five tracks, from the high energetic and über catchy Before The Madness to the emotional Slipping Away. With all instruments played by Matt himself, Maidens Of Mercury is a true solo effort. The four tracks and a reprise show influences from bands like Deep Purple, during the powerful guitar parts and soaring keyboards, but even more from a band like Queen, during the fine vocal harmonies.

Life is an honest album from a struggling musician, but don't we all during this period. The outcome is four amazing compositions, a bit lighter than we are used to from his band, but nevertheless as impressive as we are used to.

I really hope for a brighter future for the music industry, when we beat covid. Meanwhile, we have a fine EP to listen to.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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