Magnesis -
Legendes De Nos Campagnes

(CD 2021, 68:37, Musea FGBG 5030)

The tracks:
  1- Une Visite à la Campagne(10:41)
         - a) Départ
         - b) Le Temps d'un Voyage
         - c) Arrivée en Pays d'Auxois
  2- Dans La Chaleur du Foyer(8:40)
  3- La Jeune Fille et Le Diable(4:22)
  4- Dis-moi...(6:12)
  5- A l'est Rien de Nouveau(2:03)
  6- Camille(4:22)
  7- La vieille(4:18)
  8- Légendes au Coin du Feu(27:59)
         - a) Avant-Propos
         - b) Le Loup-Garou de Saint-Agnan
         - c) La Lavandière d'Alligny en Morvan
         - d) Les Jeunes filles et La Lune
         - e) Épilogue


French progrock formation Magnesis was founded in 1987, by two high school friends, and they are still active, this is studio album # 12, featuring multi-instrumentalist Eric Tillerot as the musical brainchild of current four piece band Magnesis, with two added guest musicians.

I am not familiar with other albums, to me this new effort sounds as a tasteful melodic and harmonic blend of Seventies Ange and Genesis (76-77 era), very special, with inspired French vocals and the use of vintage keyboards. Especially the unsurpassed Mellotron is omnipresent, to my delight, as a Tron-maniac: from the instrumental Une Visite à La Campagne (Mellotron choirs, and finally rock guitar solo), Dans La Chaleur Du Foyer (mellow atmosphere with theatrical French vocals and Tony Banks-like Mellotron choirs, finally a fiery guitar solo), La Jeune Fille Et Le Diable (a cheerful climate and tight beat, the second part contains pleasant synthesizer flights and Mellotron choirs) and Dis-Moi... (beautiful duet with French vocals and Mellotron violins, halfway a moving guitar solo) to the short A l'Est Rien De Nouveau (Mellotron violins and slow beat), Camille (slow beat with strong French vocals, tons of Mellotron violins and a sensitive guitar solo) and La Vieille (a subtle blend of varied piano work and Mellotron choirs, topped with warm French vocals).

Finally on this album the epic Légendes Au Coin Du Feu, in five parts, total time close to half an hour. In general the flowing shifting moods are mellow oriented, with pleasant work on keyboards. Halfway a catchy beat with Mellotron choirs, and finally a moving guitar solo with howling runs, what a wonderful and tastefully arranged work, this is Magnesis in its full splendour.

If you are up to a blend of 76-77 Genesis and Ange inspired prog this is a fine album to discover, the 'tons of Trons' are an exciting bonus!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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