Made In Sweden -
Made in England

(CD (1970/2009; 39:02; Esoteric Recordings ECLEC2169)

The tracks:
  1- Winter'sa Bummer(5:25)
  2- You Can't Go Home(3:25)
  3- Mad River(5:02)
  4- Round about(5:03)
  5- Chicago- Mon Amour(5:05)
  6- Love Samba(7:25)
  7- Blind Willie(3:27)
  8- Little Cloud(7:33)

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Iíll be the first to acknowledge that Iím not such a big fan of all these re-releases the Esoteric Recordings label regularly pours out on us, but this time they are spot on with Made in Sweden. Even after forty years, this Swedish (no surprise here, huh?) trio still sounds fresh on its fourth album Made in England, recorded in England (also not a surprise). Short (39 minutes) but sweet, Made In Sweden positively sounds like an English flower power band that could also write interesting compositions. Backed by frugal instrumentation, the focus is on the singing which sounds upbeat and clear. The album has simultaneously a jazz-rock and progressive psychedelic folkloric feel over it which makes it a joy to listen to. Producer Tony Reeves from Collosseum made sure that the album sounded quite polished. Unfortunately, Made in England was the swan song of the trio which disbanded due to financial difficulties. But Made in Sweden will stay in the Netherlands (i.e. my CD collection)!

***+Andrť de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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