Mack Maloney - Sky Club

(CD 2010, 55:32, Voiceprint VP547CD)

The tracks:
  1- Don't Let Go The Coat (The Who)(06:14)
  2- Flood (Jars of Clay)(03:27)
  3- Worlds Apart (Jars of Clay)(04:04)
  4- Send Her My Love (Journey)(04:37)
  5- Star Surfing 1962(03:20)
  6- Deserted Cities of the Heart (Cream)(04:18)
  7- Silent Running (Mike & The Mechanics)(06:17)
  8- Mechanical World (Spirit)(05:18)
  9- Cross My Heart(06:00)
10- Into the Night (Benny Mardones)(03:47)
11- Flight to Cairo (Dream Patrol)(04:55)
12- Walk on the Ocean (Toad the Wet Sprocket)(03:11)

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Sky Club is based on a nice science fiction story. In the far future they - whoever ‘they’ are - find a crashed space ship and the skeleton of an astronaut. After searching his belongings they find a device which they reconstruct, to hear a long lost sound: music. They are so impressed that they erect a memorial stone for the astronaut whose name is IPodius. This story is dealt with in twelve songs by the core team of keyboard player Mack Maloney, guitarist Rich Kennedy and guitarist, bass player and singer Mark Poulin, joined by some guests of whom saxophonist Amadee Castenell is the most prominent.

The tracks form a mixed bag of styles, ranging from electronic music to space surf to rock and a cover of Mike And The Mechanics’ Silent Running, a song which works quite well in this concept. Sky Club is Maloney’s debut album; in regular life he’s quite a successful writer of science fiction stories. It remains to be seen whether this album will reach the same level of notoriety, as the songs might be differ a bit too much in style for the regular listener. It takes a while before they get a hold in your ears. I recommend a quick listen on Maloney’s website.

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**+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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