M-Opus - 1975 Triptych

(CD 2015, 50:51, Rude Chord Records RCR002)

The tracks:
  1- Travelling Man(7:50)
  2- Different Skies(33:30)
         - i Snowflake
         - ii Throne of Polaris
         - iii The Tempest
         - iv Super Sonic Shock
         - v Ancient Light
         - vi S.A.D.
         - vii Every Day the Orbit
         - viii Magnetic North
         - ix Every Day the Orbit (Reprise)
         - x Flood
         - xi Endless Echo
  3- Wasps(9:31)

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M Opus are a progressive rock band from Ireland. Straight forward so far. No Problem. But they also consider themselves as a fictional band. One that has a huge back catalogue of music dating back to the seventies. Music that no one has heard yet. Until now that is. This is the first album in a series of albums that will visit various prog time zones. This first one is 1975 as the album title tells us and is called Triptych. The next one will be from 1978 apparently. Still with me?

Jonathan Casey (keyboards and vocals) has been penning and playing music with other people for many years. He decided to start writing music that he really loved but needed an objective and came up with the idea of creating albums from various years gone by. Not just by copying sounds and styles but by taking it further and imagining how his band would have sounded in that particular year.

The result is a stunning album consisting of just three songs but contains everything a fan of this genre is going to need. The music is dramatic, rhythmic and memorable with catchy tunes in places and great interplay between the musicians. Colin Sullivan (guitars) is Jonathan's best mate and so was an obvious choice for the band. But they went through numerous drummers and bass players before settling down with Darragh Dennis (bass) and Mark Grist (drums).

You can try to listen out for hints of 1975 prog but I gave up quite early on and just enjoyed this album on its own merits. This is a very good album indeed

***** Dave Smith

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