Lüüp - Distress Signal Code

(CD 2008; 57:57; Musea FGBG 4764)

The tracks:
  1- Through your woods(4:47)
  2- Faith in you(4:19)
  3- Water(4:05)
  4- Sketch for two puppets(14:35)
  5- From here(5:26)
  6- Distress signal code(9:35)
  7- Our waves(3:34)
  8- Urban Legend(5:06)
  9- Memories of the future(6:14)

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If you like flutes then you are in for a treat with this album. If you hate flutes, Distress Signal Code will be a listening hell, because there are many, many flutes on this album. There is just one simple reason for it: Lüüp is the project of the Greek flutist Stelios Romaliadis. I’ve never heard of the man, but somebody must have because Stelios managed to secure the cooperation of Van Der Graaf Generator’s saxophonist David Jackson, who plays mainly, yes, you guessed right, the flute. The music sounds like Robert Fripp’s frippertonics if Fripp would have played the flute. Sometimes the music tends to Anthony Phillips if he had been able to master the flute, of course. It is just as in the Dutch expression: you can flute at it. In fact it is you can whistle at it, but never mind. This isn’t an exciting album at all, so guess what I’ll do: I’ll give it a meager one star.

*André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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