Lucy In Blue - In Flight

(CD 2019, 40:53, Karisma Records ‎- KAR167)

The tracks:
  1- Alight, Pt. 1(2:31)
  2- Alight, Pt. 2(3:50)
  3- Respire(7:50)
  4- Matricide(4:17)
  5- Nýverandi(5:15)
  6- Tempest(4:15)
  7- In Flight(9:44)
  8- On Ground(3:09)

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Iceland brought us quite some wonderful music like BjŲrk, Sigur Růs and the excellent band Agent Fresco. Since a few years Lucy In Blue is making slight Psychedelic prog in the likes of Camel (and other big names mentioned below) with a kraut twist.
In Flight is their second album. With 8 average length tracks.

Starting off with two dreamy instrumentals the slow and Respire kicks in and takes you to floating keyboard landscapes with vocals that remind me of Andy Latimer from the seventies with a load of effects. The intro of Matricide begins rockier with some distorted psychedelic hammond and guitars that continue to be the theme of this song. Not heavy metal, but rock. Kayak (old) and Uriah Heep come to mind.
Nuverandi is a nice instrumental that reflects the nature of Iceland in music. It ripples like a gentle stream and gives you a feeling of serenity. Tempest lets you re-live a King Crimson like guitar and keyboard loop with some nice tempo changes. The title track gets you at the first minute. Harmonies a pinch of jazz and swirly guitars, Rhodes, organs everything that makes a great prog track is included. Pink Floyd may be seen as the key ingredient for the psychedelic notes and the slow part in this nearly 10 minute epos. Back On Ground with Mellotrons, those sweet Mellotrons. More harmonies to make it float even more. 3:09 is way too short. It could take 20 minutes and it won't bore.

A very pleasant record that takes you back to the psychedelic prog of the seventies. Lucy In Blue proves that it is still possible to make an excellent album in that fashion.

***** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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