Luciano Onetti -
Sonno Profondo/ Francesca

(CD 2018, 22:47/ 30:15, Black Widow Records BWRCD 211-2)

The tracks:
CD1: Sonno Profondo
  1- Mamma(3:25)
  2- Nel Profondo(1:11)
  3- Sonno Profondo(2:15)
  4- Nero(1:59)
  5- Assassino(2:20)
  6- Soddisfazione(2:16)
  7- Ricordare(0:56)
  8- Finale(8:25)
CD2: Francesca
  1- Francesca(1:55)
  2- La Bambola di Francesca(2:07)
  3- Caronte Senza Tregua(1:27)
  4- Inferno(2:03)
  5- Motus Tenebrae(3:41)
  6- Demonio Guardiano(1:03)
  7- Una Moneta sugli Occhi(3:11)
  8- Canto III(3:12)
  9- Guanti Rossi(1:05)
10- Canto dell'Inferno(1:46)
11- Jazz Psicopatico(1:30)
12- Paolo e Francesca(3:07)
13- Canto Quinto(2:37)
14- Città Dolente(1:34)

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Sonno Profondo (which means Deep Sleep) is a movie from 2013 by Luciano Onetti, producer, writer, and musician. “After murdering a woman, a killer that is traumatized from his childhood memories, gets a mysterious envelope slipped under his door. The hunter becomes the prey when he finds out that the envelope contains photos that show him killing the young woman.”

The music sounds as a horror movie: dark, ominous, lots of scary sounds, and with obvious hints from avant-garde, at some moments not unlike Il Balletto Di Bronzo, also due to the use of sumptuous keyboard layers and up-tempo rhythms. The epic final composition is the most varied and captivating track featuring percussion, saxophone, drums on the background and brass, in general the atmosphere is ominous.

Rating: **+

Francesca is another movie by Luciano Onetti, from 2015. “Someone is viciously murdering people, people with criminal pasts. It appears that the murders may be linked to the disappearance of a young girl 15 years previously.”

The music on this album is more electronic music oriented with sequencers and (often fat) synthesizers, in one track even a swinging rhythm with the distinctive clavinet. But the climates remain pretty dark and ominous, with scary sounds.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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