Lost World Band - Sound Source

(CD 2009, 65.02, Musea FGBG 4840)

The tracks:
  1- Hymn – The Intro(1:04)
  2- Sound Source(3:58)
  3- Kaleidoscope(3:03)
  4- Waterworks(4:36)
  5- Hymn(6:17)
  6- The Feast(3:45)
  7- Colorless(4:33)
  8- The Engine That Wouldn’t Start(1:32)
  9- Heat Stroke(4:45)
10- Naked Starlight(3:55)
11- In the Wilderness(3:09)
12- Divertissement(4:37)
13- Trapped(3:25)
14- The Shore and I(4:37)
15- Blind Escape(4:23)
16- Travelling Light(7:15)

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The Russian progressive rock band Lost World was founded in 1990 by Andrii Didorenko (acoustic and electric guitars, bass and violins), Vassily Soloviev (drums and flute) and Alex Akimov (keyboards), who were music college students at the time. After a slight change of the name in Lost World Band, Sound Source is their third studio album after Trajectories (2003) and Awakening Of The Elements (2006). It continues their musical style in the vein of their compatriots from Little Tragedies and Horizont. Other bands that I can refer to are Kansas and UK.

All sixteen tracks are instrumental with both classical and rock influences. The album sounds dynamic and very lively, sometimes even a bit frantic, but without heavy rhythms. You never suffer a dull moment, because all songs have their own characteristics without becoming too short or too lengthy. These guys know how to keep the listener’s attention by using different solo-instruments. In Kaleidoscope we hear a flute and in Hymn a violin. The Feast is a remarkable track with vigorous drumming and flute solos that reminded me of Jethro Tull. The opposite of The Feast is Colorless with a dreamy atmosphere quite similar to some pieces Camel did. After a short song with the funny title The Engine That Wouldn’t Start, another dynamic tune follows: Heat Stroke bursts out of your speakers! In Naked Starlight, the guitar sound in the vein of Steve Hackett is never far away. This piece contains long and stretched guitar chords with lots of tension. In The Wilderness starts with singing birds accompanied by an acoustic guitar in the style of the former Genesis-guitarist Anthony Philips. This song also ends with the birds and the sound of running water. Divertissement really rocks you out of your chair. The duels between the piano, violin and guitar are jazzy and sound very modern. The song Trapped evokes images of a pursuit scene from an exciting movie. The Shore And I provides a beautiful romantic violin solo and in the penultimate song Blind Escape we hear rough guitars, bass solos and piano duels in a blend of King Crimson and Gentle Giant. The final and longest song Travelling Light starts again with a Genesis-intro on acoustic guitar with contrary piano strumming in the background that continually builds up the tension. It has a beautiful ending with violin, keyboard orchestration and acoustic guitar.

My favourite tracks are Sound Source, Waterworks, Colorless, Naked Starlight, In The Wilderness, The Shore And I and Travelling Light. If you’re looking for authentic instrumental music, you should try this one. This album won’t disappoint you. The best time to listen to is on a sunny Sunday-morning.

 ***+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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