Lord Of Mushrooms -

(CD 2012, 67:14, Lion Music LMC 317)

The tracks:
  1- Imago(6:42)
  2- Warmth In The Wilderness(6:29)
  3- Grace(7:23)
  4- Circles On The Water(8:37)
  5- The Missing Link(5:36)
  6- Red Queens Race(2:50)
  7- Light And Thunder(1:25)
  8- Raindrops On My Wings(7:58)
  9- Nyx's Robe(6:55)
10- Awaken(6:31)
11- Falling(6:49)

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Perspectives is Lord Of Mushrooms' first album since Seven Deadly Songs (2005) and again it's a true and honest prog metal album. The band was founded in the late nineties, but since their latest album there have been a number of line-up changes; the band features three new members and is now fronted by Gus Monsanto (ex- Adagio) who adds a new dimension to the music with his rather spectacular voice. However, the sound and the compositions on Perspectives are still a bit too bombastic, too familiar and not original enough to make this third album a musical breakthrough.

The CD opens with typical prog metal clichés one would like to avoid being a prog metal band, like for instance the well-known guitar riffs, the staccato hooks and lots of bombastic musical passages. Furthermore if you listen to the two power ballads The Missing Link and Falling, you'll get the idea of having heard this kind of songs before on another album or by another prog metal band. The songs that I like most are the up-tempo Raindrops On My Wings and Circles On The Water, which have g ood musical twists and turns. These pieces are also a bit heavier than the other ones. So, my advice is: try before you buy...

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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