Long Distance Calling -

(2CD 2019, 02:08:08, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Into The Black Wide Open(10:02)
  2- The Very Last Day(10:57)
  3- In The Clouds(6:43)
  4- Like A River(6:00)
  5- On The Verge(6:18)
  6- Interlude(3:39)
  7- Out There(9:14)
  1- Apparitions(14:27)
  2- Black Paper Planes(7:58)
  3- 359(9:35)
  4- I Know You, Stanley Milgram(10:54)
  5- Sundown Highway(7:42)
  6- Flux(14:32)
  7- Metulsky Curse Revisited(10:07)

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German prog rockers Long Distance Calling have been around the music scene since 2006 and they built an excellent reputation with their mostly instrumental majestic wall of sound. After six records Long Distance Calling now amazes their fans with a live album captured on film and tape at the Culture Church Altona in Hamburg.

The Avoid The Light (2009) album, celebrating its tenth anniversary is played in its entirety and the rest of the show contains songs from their other albums. The sound of this album is indeed outstanding and the set list is more than excellent, with for me the absolute highlights being Flux (cannot get enough of this track), and Apparitions. If you are a fan of this band - who is not by the way - then this album is an absolute must and it is of course the perfect Christmas present.... If your budget allows it, I advise you to buy the Blu-ray disc as the gig is filled with marvellous designed films and effects for this show, also featuring guests musicians Luca Gilles (cello) and Aaron Schrade (percussion and electronic beats).

This is almost a perfect album, however to accomplish this truly dense musical atmosphere Long Distance Calling decided to leave out their heavy and aggressive tracks, which I think is a shame,... But then again you cannot have it all; still Stummfilm is a marvellous album, a cherry on their career cake so far without any doubt. Highly recommended!!!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Dave Smith)

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