Liquid Shadow  - Spectrum 

(CD 2008, 67.26, LM 30CD)

The tracks:
  1- My Spirit(6:17)
  2- Observator(5:13)
  3- Niemago(3:54)
  4- Czas Marzeri(6:30)
  5- Nawrocenie(3:41)
  6- Barok(4:40)
  7- Live Changes(3:49)
  8- Gorskr Potok(4:28)
  9- Szezescia Chwile(4:45)
10- Zyete Po To Jest(3:45)
11- Pfynnie Cieri(4:16)
12- Niech….(3:08)
13- Krzyk(3:29)
14- Reaktor (6:12)
15- Jeszene Raz(3:27)

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Liquid Shadow is a six-piece band from Poland. The band has a female lead singer named Sheba. On drums there is Marek Tobiasz, on the bass guitar, Marcin Kraweczyk, on keyboards Krzysiek Lepiarczyk, Jacek Bardo and Przemek Druzkowski both play the guitars. All the 15 songs of Spectrum were already recorded in the Lynx studio between 2001 and 2003. Mainly the songs are a kind of progressive hard rock with some metal influences (a few double bass drums and dark intro´s but no grunge vocals). A good example of the musical style is the first track My Spirit. It starts with a Van Halen riff and is one of the two songs by Sheba that are sung in English. Her voice is powerful and is a kind of mix of Doro Pesch and Gianna Nannini. Well played classical hard rock themes and several heavy guitar breaks make the song interesting. Observator is of the same high level. Lots of breaks and variation. Suddenly ending with a piano solo played by Krzysiek Lepiarczyk. Neimago is a short song which is mainly dominated by guitar riffs and vocals. A bluesy guitar in Czas Marzeri with a sensual singing Sheba is the beginning of the longest track, which develops to a melodic ballad. Nwarocenie is again an up tempo and quite poppy song. Barok has some classical themes with its violin parts. Live Changes is the other English song and has another approach in the middle with its spoken words and Whitesnake guitar and synth solo at the end. Track 8 Gorskr Potok is an instrumental song in which all the members of the band can show their talents. Szezescia Chwile is a nice and interesting four minutes ballad with a creamy guitarsolo (style: Gary Moore). Another convincing and good song is Pfynnie Cieri with its excellent vocal performance and has some nice heavy bass and drum beats. Reaktor is the second instrumental song, starting with some very heavy riffs and a duel between the drums and guitar. Synths, acoustic guitar and again duelling electric guitars and drums kept my attention the whole six minutes. Last song Jeszene Raz is an excellent piano ballad with horns (from a synthesizer) and a perfect ending of Spectrum. The CD includes also a video track of Niemago.

I have to give Liquid Shadow a compliment. A very good CD because of the variation and well played songs. It is only a pity that I don’t understand the Polish language and that there is no translation in the booklet.  

 ***+  Cor Smeets (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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