Limite Acque Sicure -

(CD 2022, 65:58, Minotauro Records)

The tracks:
  1- Sogno D'Oriente(12:48)
  2- Terra Straniera(7:53)
  3- Il Respiro Dell'Anima(8:25)
  4- Antico Mare(8:02)
  5- Fiamme Intorno(10:48)
  6- Il Giardino Del Mago(15:51)
  7- Ti Salverà(2:11)

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This new Italian band was founded in 2005, in the northern part of Italy. In 2016 Limite Acque Sicure turns into a six-piece formation, with members from different origins and horizons, from metal to fusion, from classical to rock, but this is precisely the secret of their formula. “The group is an area of confrontation, the different musical experiences represent a precious resource on which we have continually drawn. The songs represent the synthesis or rather the possibility of cohabitation under the same roof”.

The album starts with the epic composition Sogno D'Oriente featuring a sultry Arabian atmosphere, blended with fiery guitar, orchestral keyboards, strong Italian vocals and cheerful flute, to me it sounds like 'Classic Italian Prog meets Rock Andaluz', wow! Then lots of interesting shifting moods. From a percussive break with a sparkling flute soloto a spectacular Minimoog soli with pitchbend, fuelled by propulsive rock guitar riffs and drum beats. From a Neo-prog sound with guitar and soaring keyboards to a fiery guitar solo, culminating in a break with percussion, and finally soaring flute. What a promising start!

Then Terra Straniera, first tender Grand piano runs and wailing cello, followed by melancholical vocals, tender piano and flute. Halfway an accellaration and a more lush sound with excellent vocals, soft Hammond organ waves and pleasant work on the flute. Next a slow rhythm in a dreamy atmosphere with flute, and a long and moving electric guitar solo with wah-wah. And finally duo male and female vocals, a fine trademark on this album.Although the band plays at a high technical level the music sounds melodic and harmonic, never too complex or self-indulgent.

Next Il Respiro Dell'Anima, to me evoking the awesome fusion/jazzrock by Al DiMeola with powerful work on guitar and synthesizer. Then a slow rhythm and romantic vocals, in a Neo-prog atmosphere featuring a sumptuous eruption with fiery guitar and a majestic Mellotron choir sound, topped with duo vocals and exciting harder-edged guitar with bombastic Mellotron choirs. Halfway dreamy piano and vocals and finally spacey synthesizer flights in slow rhythm, culminating in a bombastic eruption with powerful vocals and flashy synthesizer runs.

NowAntico Mare, it contains a mellow piano intro, then wonderful vocals, strongly reminding me of Le Orme. The music contains frequent shifting moods with strong musical ideas, huge tension and exciting dynamics. The focus is on harder-edged electric guitar, from moving to heavy runs, in contrast with soaring flute play.

The epic composition FiammeIntorno evokes the early, very interesting work of Saga, with catchy interplay between guitar and keyboards, the sound alternates between slow rhythms and mellow climates, topped with beautiful vocals and flute. Halfway a moving guitar solo, and then the distinctive soaring string-ensemble sound, blended with a spacey Minimoog solo, celestial female vocals, and another moving electric guitar solo. In the second part Saga and Al DiMeola elements are blended with again strong own musical ideas. From a spacey Minimoog solo with pitchbend toexciting rock guitar and keyboards interplay. The compelling grand finale features sumptuous Mellotron choirs, fiery guitar and an excellent rhythm-section, another “wow”, this band neverfails to thrill me!

The next song is a the (live) cover Il Giardino Del Mago from Classic Italian Prog legend Banco. Strong, a good rendition, it sounds a bit more modern, and of course the singer is no Francesco but does a good job, the crowd loves it.

Finally the short track Ti Salverà, it contains a folky atmosphere with acoustic rhythm guitar, harp, flute and romantic vocals, a nice conclusion, showing the mellow side of the band.

I am impressed by this new Italian prog band with their first album, these are excellent musicians, with interesting different musical backgrounds, what a chemistry, I am already looking forward to their next effort, highly recommended!

**** Erik Neuteboom

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