Like Wendy - The Fisher

(CD 2020, 48:44, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Fisher (Part I)(15:40)
  2- Stormbound(3:07)
  3- The Cross(9:53)
  4- The Fisher (Part II)(14:10)
  5- Brand New(2:17)

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Like Wendy is a Dutch progressive rock act consisting of Bert Heinen. A musician who plays all the instruments and does all of the vocals. On his latest album The Fisher he is assisted by Jos Reijnhout on trumpet.

The Fisher is a kind of concept album featuring five tracks of which the epic ones The Fisher Part 1, The Fisher Part 2 and The Cross are the highlights of this album. Like Wendy to me is best described as neo prog music in the veins of Pendragon and the old Genesis material. Furthermore, I hear “obvious” influences from David Gilmour in Bert Heinen's melancholic guitar solos and these sound really awesome by the way... Opening song, The Fisher Part 1, clocking over fifteen minutes is a nice melodic song featuring Mellotron melodies that kind of remind me of good old Camel actually... Stormbound, a rather short one, does not really come to life, but The Cross is filled with excellent guitar work, acoustic and electric and especially the solos of Heinen are very atmospheric, making this one another highlight of this album. Brand New ends this album and this one is acoustic and rather tiresome.

Even with this closing track the album is really worth listening to, especially if you put your headset on!!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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