Lifesigns -
Live In London- Under The Bridge

(2 CD/DVD 2015, 36:58/ 47:59/ 100 min., Lifesigns Music Ltd.)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Lighthouse(12:32)
  2- Telephone(10:14)
  3- Voice In My Head(05:41)
  4- Different(09:14)
CD 2
  5- Impossible(5:21)
  6- Open Skies(4:14)
  7- Fridge Full Of Stars(12:02)
  8- At The End Of The World(9:00)
  9- Kings(5:05)
10- Carousel(12:12)
  1- Lighthouse
  2- Telephone
  3- Voice In My Head
  4- Different
  5- Impossible
  6- Open Skies
  7- Fridge Full Of Stars
  8- At The End Of The World
  9- Kings
10- Carousel

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It was magic in London when Lifesigns recorded their live-DVD Live In London- Under The Bridge, at the famous venue under the Chelsea Football Stadium. I was so lucky to be there.
The band prepared long for this recording and it showed. The stage was set, LED-videowall and lighting in its place and the soundsystem tested. Camera's everywhere. No surprises to be expected. The fanatic followers of Lifesigns were there. Not only from England, but also from Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, the U.S.A. and yes, Holland. Everything ready for two nights of brilliant music by four amazing musicians.

But first: Lifesigns started in 2008 as an idea of John Young (keyboards) and sound wizard Steve Rispin. Nick Beggs (bass) and drummer Martin'Frosty' Beedle joined and in 2013 the band had their first album with guests, Thijs van Leer, Steve Hackett and Jakko Jakszyc. It was never planned to tour, but the response to the album was so good, that John, Frosty and Steve were looking for musicians to be part of the live band. (Nick Beggs was never an option because of his other work with Steven Wilson) John Young, who played with Asia, The Strawbs, Scorpions and Bonny Tyler, and Frosty Beedle (The Cutting Crew) were joined by bass player Jon Pool (Cardiacs and The Downing Pool) and guitarist extraordinaire Niko Tsonev (Steven Wilson). Steve Rispin (sound) by the way is as much a member of this band as the others.

I first saw the band when they were just together, at the Resonance Festival in London. The sheer joy they had in playing and the quality of the music blew everyone in the audience away. So seeing them, after a lot of gigs, in Under the Bridge would be an even better experience. And it was!

It was great to receive the live DVD and CDs of this live recording, which was made possible by crowdfunding. The band did everything to make it a brilliant one and they succeeded totally. The quality of this live recording is amazing. Film director Paul Shamassian did a great job and the sound is better than every live recording I have ever heard. Steve Rispin did wonders. Niko Tsonev and Steve mixed the sound and Niko was also co editor. Brett Wilde did the beautiful artwork.

The DVD opens with two songs of the debut album: Lighthouse and Telephone. Four new songs follow. Voice In My Head, Different, Impossible (did you ever dance to prog?) and Open Skies. Fridge Full Of Stars and At The End Of The World of the first album are next and after the new instrumental Kings the band plays Carousel at the end of the concert. I can describe every song, but buy this DVD and listen and look yourself. This is a band at their utter best! John Youngs lead vocals are fantastic, as is his skill- and tasteful keyboard work. Drummer Frosty Beedle is on fire. He delivers a sublime foundation on which the other members can excel. Nick Beggs is absolutely not missed because the bass lines of Jon Pool are heavy and sweet and melodic where the music asked for it. And what a showman he is!! Niko Tsonev is the ultimate guitar master. This guy is so good. Melodic solo's, brilliant tapping (Carousel) and tasteful speed of light solo's, he does it with a big smile on his face. As have all the band members. This is a band where the members are so connected that warmth comes from the stage and the crowd feels it and reacts to that. The singing of the four is stunning. Frosty Beedle and Jon Pool sing fabulous harmonies to John Youngs lead vocals and in some songs also Niko Tsonev joins.
Yes, I'm a big fan of this band. The guys are fantastic musicians but they are also the most friendly people I know in this industry. They care for their fans and that leads to a growing following. Something that shows on this live recording. As a band they are getting better and better. The new songs are great and they work on several new ones for the next studio album.
This is new prog at its best! Buy this set, you won't regret it!

***** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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