Life's Electric - Catalyst

(EPCD 2014, 15:22, LE2014Cat)

The tracks:
  1- Such A Shame
  2- Everything I Have
  3- We Will Have To Wait
  4- Caterpillar

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Life's Electric is a Dutch rock band that has released an album, Trust Me I Am A Doctor three years ago, completely paid through the increasingly growing form of crowdfunding. This shows the confidence of the audience in what these young musicians are capable of. Consisting of vocalist Ferry Van Der Woude, guitarist Gert-Jan Stehouwer, bass player Lars Heuskens and drummer Michiel Korsten the band has made a statement; they are here to stay and play live as much as they can.

Now Life's Electric has made a successor for their full album in an EP called Catalyst. Musically I don't think they have any connections to the progressive rock style you like to read about, but the way these guys play their music and composition wise, Life's Electric deserves your attention.

Catalyst is a four song EP, with compositions that are influenced by the higher class rock bands Foo Fighters and in a way Alice In Chains as well. Bands that have one foot deeply buried in grunge music and the other one kick ass in the regular rock environment. Just like Life's Electric does, the compositions are solid; strong and powerful, but still very accessible to a rock audience. Mark my words; with the right amount of promotion we could have a winner here.

With an EP holding just four compositions, all high quality and very energetic, it is unnecessary to discuss each song separately. I would dare Kensington to invite this band to play with them in the Ziggo Dome. They would fit, I just know.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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